What plugins do you need for your templates?

All of the templates are different. Some will use 3rd party plugins from companies like Waves and Antares, others will be fully compatible with the stock plugins in your DAW. Please read the description of each template before making your purchase to insure full compatibility.

How much do you charge for mixing?

If you are ready to get a professional mix on your project or song, please fill out this quick for and you will be contacted via email. 

 My plug-ins are missing. What should I do?

Be sure that you have the necessary third party plugins that are required for the template you purchased. If you are using Waves, make sure that you have installed the latest updates using Waves Central.

What to do if I purchased the wrong template?

The templates are available as immediate download after your purchase. Be sure to read the description to check for compatibility. All sales are final.

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