The Married to Music Podcast

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you love money and music? Do you work with your spouse? In most cases finding that work/life balance can be a challenge, especially when your partner is also your partner. Through the Married to Music Podcast, Lydia Caesar and Wavy Wayne will share insight and helpful information on growing careers in music, making money, and building a strong marriage.

 Episode 3: 

This week on Married to Music Wayne & Lydia discuss some of their takeaways from the book “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George Clason. Getting a handle on your finances can be so tough, the couple describes tools that they have learned from the book, and they share ways that they have applied them in their own personal financial lives!

From saving and investing, to spending wisely and responsibly, its all discussed in this weeks episode! The couple also discusses their favorite mobile apps that will help you whip your financial life into shape! So grab your pen and take notes! Also, if you haven’t yet, grab a copy of this book or audio book! It’s a game changer for your finances and each reader takes away something different to apply to their own life!

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