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Perhaps you're paying every month for a ProTools subscription and staring at a blank edit window wondering what to do. You load in a 2 track music bed and record some vocals on top of it, then wonder how you can make this sound like something you've just heard in the club, or on the radio.  With over 560 combined dog years worth of industry experience, we have a lot of wisdom and techniques to offer you. I once said to a student: "Don't turn 50 without owning stereo sub-woofers." That said, the knowledge and wisdom we will give to you is that which no audio engineering program has ever dared to teach. Remember, the client is king, and when they want it, they get it. Did you know that certain mic's are better suited for adlibs than, say, stabs. Of course you didn't know that, but those things are important to your career. Subscribe to the Wavy Seals Elite and you'll have over 560 combined dog years of knowledge, wisdom, experience, beer drinking, parking tickets, dui's, long nights eating chicken wings in strip clubs, in addition to session work experience. 


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You should join if:

✅ You record and mix at home and want to get professional results.

✅ You’re looking for a dope community of likeminded producers and engineers.

✅ You’re an audio engineer who wants to continue to learn new tips and tricks.

✅ You’re an aspiring engineer who feels overwhelmed with where to start or what to do.

 What you get when you join wavy Seals Elite: 

✅ Monthly Masterclass

✅ Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

✅ Exclusive Members Only Content

✅ 1:1 coaching opportunities

✅ Professional Mix review and critiques

✅ High-Value Giveaways

✅ Accountability & Encouragement

✅ Exclusive price perks on courses, resources and templates

Price: Your first month in the Wavy Seals Elite is just $9.99, you will be charged $30 per month after that. You can cancel at anytime.

How it works: Once you subscribe to the Wavy Seals Elite you will be directed to join our private group on Facebook where the club is hosted. Your subscription will be verified before you are admitted. 

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